The Temperature Problem & Our Solution

Why is 750ºF the Maximum?

Researchers at Portland State University discovered the production of cancer causing agents were dependent on the temperature at which the concentrate is vaporized. The most notable were methacrolein and benzene were found in vapors that exceeded 750º F. Benzene has been found to be the "largest single known cancer-risk air toxic" and can have lasting effects. Vaporizing concentrates at temperatures above 750º F (~400º C) can lead to harmful and unsafe toxins and chemicals entering your lungs and body. [1]

History of Cooling Methods

Feel It Out

  • No Accuracy
  • Very Low Consistency
  • Human hands are not temperature sensors

Timed Cool Down

  • Low Accuracy
  • Some Consistency
  • Most popular method of cooling
  • No guarantee the heat-up process is the same


  • Consistent Accuracy
  • Expensive
  • Potential fire hazard when on
  • Must be plugged in

The Solution.

The B.E. Creative Temp Station® was designed with the goal of keeping customers safe and informed

  • Accurate temperature readings within +/- 5° F
  • Hands-Free usage, when compared to an infrared temperature gun
  • Built to last with consistent temperature readings
  • Clear indication when it is an unsafe temperature to dab
  • Peace of mind: know the temperature of your banger or nail with confidence

Keeping You Safe, One Dab at a Time